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Department of Dance

I Nyoman Sedana

2001 - 2002 Visiting Faculty


Performing, Composing, Researching, and Teaching the Gamelan Music, Balinese Dance and the Wayang Kulit Shadow Theatre

Until Spring 2002: Ph.D Student in Drama and Theatre, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

1993 M.A. in Theatre from Brown University, Rhode Island USA. Thesis: The Training Education and the Expanding Role of the Balinese Dalang (partly published at Asian Theatre Journal).

1991 Certificate as a Graduate Reciprocal Student in Music and Theatre of the University of California Santa Cruz CA. USA

1989 SSP.(essentially an MFA) degree in Balinese theatre (Pedalangan) from the Indonesian State College of Arts (STSI) Denpasar Bali.

1986 B.A. from the National Dance Academy (ASTI) Denpasar, Indonesia.

2001 Presenting a work-shop on the Balinese Kecak, Topeng, and Wayang Kulit theatre for the Southeastern Theatre Conference in Jacksonville Florida.
2000 Directing Kecak (integrating Wayang puppet and dance drama) University of Georgia.
1999 Teaching Balinese dance in the Dance Dept of the Univerity of Georgia; Presenting lecture demonstration on Balinese Kecak dance for the Asian Cultural Experience, Atlanta.
1998&99 Visiting Artist at Music Dept. Florida State University.
1998 Teaching "Galaktika" Gamelan music at MIT Boston.
1993 Artist-in-residence in the Holy Cross College, Massachusetts.
1992 Visiting Artist at Emerson Collage (Theatre) Boston.
1991 Teaching Assistant, Music Dept. Brown University Rhode Island.
1990 Visiting Asst. Professor of Music, Univ. of. Calif. Santa Cruz.
1987 (permanent job) Faculty member at STSI Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
1992, 1997-2000 from the Asian Cultural Council;
1990 from the Education Abroad Program (UC Santa Barbara);
1989 from the Ford Foundation;
1985 and 1996 from the Indonesian ministry of education and culture.
2000 Palm West Beach & Miami-Florida; Athens-Georgia.
1999 Time Square New York (Dec, 31st), Alabama, Texas, and Florida.
1998 Georgia and Florida.
1997 Tokyo & Iwate Japan (for Indonesia-Japan Friendship Festival.)
1996 Hong Kong (for the Asian Arts Festival).
1995 Taiwan: Kaoshiung, Taichung, Taipei (for the TIFPT).
1994 Londrina, Brasilia,Interna. School of Theatre Anthro (ISTA) Festival.
1994 Vienna, Austria, Europe (for Tanz Festival).
1990-93 California, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, New Hampshire.
1986 Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sidney (Australia).
1982 Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France (Europe).
The Abduction of Sita, presented in an innovative form of Wayang-Dramatari-Kecak theatre.
Luh Martalangu, Kawit Dalang, Prometheus Bound, presented in the form of the Wayang Kulit theatre.
Slug Climbing Tree, Kawit Langen, Kawi Mara, musical pieces.
Mahawireng Ganesha, Sarwademana, Vasavadatta, presented in the form of dance drama.
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