The Department of Dance at the University of Georgia is a state approved educator preparation program for initial/induction certification. We offer undergraduate level courses in dance toward the Georgia Initial Certification in Dance (P-12). At this time the Department of Dance offers no separate active, (or cohort) professional certification course program. After an initial individual advisement, individuals who are able to complete the needed and offered courses will progress toward certification at an individual pace.

As an initial step in pursuing teacher certification, visit or contact the Professional Standards Commission (www.gapsc.com). Review the Traditional Routes to certification at the following link: http://www.gapsc.com/Certification/Home.aspx

If you are proceeding through to certification, please note the upcoming changes to Georgia certification. Georgia is moving to a many-tiered certification system.

After reviewing the sites above, it is recommended that you initiate the advisement request process in order to ascertain what courses you will need and whether pursuing this non-degree seeking certification path will be feasible. Please follow the procedures enumerated below. Professor Rebecca Gose, certification coordinator will review your materials and reply with an evaluation letter.

1. Fill out and send in the information sheet below to the address indicated
2. Send along a copy of all transcripts (unofficial is fine)
3. Include contact information, including phone, address and email
4. Indicate whether you have a provisional certification or are working as a full-time teacher at this time.

Requirements Overview

For those persons who hold a baccalaureate degree or who are near completion of such a degree but who are not certified in a field or in dance, the following are procedures and requirements for admittance and completion of Teacher Certification in Dance/Professional Track through the University of Georgia Department of Dance. The requirements are in accordance with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and the state approved program so study for certification in Dance. If you are certified in another area, contact the standards commission 1-800-869-7775 about an add-on certification in dance.

Student Teaching Semester: A student teaching enrolled in DANC 5460 (12 credits) or DANC 4000 is expected to engage in 10-13 weeks, full-time within a P-12 classroom, under a mentor teacher in a public or private school in the region. The teacher candidate is mentored on a daily basis by his/her mentor teacher, and observed at least twice by the college supervisor from the UGA Dance department.

Requirements for Initial/Induction Teacher Certification in Dance

  • Completion of, or near completion of a bachelor's degree
  • The professional candidate must complete minimum of 12 semester hours at UGA (including required course work based on individual advisement).
  • A student teaching semester or equivalent
  • Completed academic courses in the following areas:

Dance Content Area

_________ Dance Composition and Improvisation (or exhibited competencies)**
_________ Dance History
_________ Dance Technique, in at least two disciplines; One full-year of technique in one discipline (or exhibited competencies)*
_________ Anatomy/Kinesiology and Injury Prevention
_________ Music for Dance/Rhythmic Analysis
_________ Creative movement, or methods of teaching children's dance
_________ Issues in Dance Pedagogy, theories and methods of dance in education
_________ Teaching Practicum - 1 cr./min 45 hrs. in a school or community setting
_________ DANC 5460*** 12 hour student teaching practicum
_________ Other:____________________________________

*Documented experience-minimum one year as a member of a professional dance company may satisfy these content areas.

**Documented experience-minimum one year as artistic director or choreographer with a Professional dance company may satisfy this content area

***(Online) application deadline through the College of Education (www.coe.uga.edu) is early in the prior semester

#This course is designed for the professional focus on an area or subject that will enhance his/her professional focus and teaching career, such as various ethnic dance forms, Laban Movement Analysis, dance technology, etc.

Educational Foundations:

_________ EFND 2110 Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education
_________ EFND/EDUC 2120 Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity
_________ EFND 2130 Exploring Teaching and Learning
_________ SPED 2000 Survey of Special Education


KINS 4610 Adapted Physical Education


Admission Steps

Your request for advisement evaluation should include:

(a) A copy of your college transcripts (unofficial; remember, UGA admissions will require an official, sealed copy of all transcripts)
(b) The professional track information sheet (Prof Track Info Sheet)
(c) A current resume and detailed list of relevant jobs and experiences related to your professional goals and pursuit of teacher certification in dance.

Professor Rebecca Gose
263 Dance Building
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

Once and If a successful plan has been determined, candidates must apply and be admitted to the University of Georgia. Admission is as a post-baccalaureate/'non-degree' seeking student. If you hold a Masters degree, you still process your UGA application as "post-baccalaureate." If you are a graduate of UGA, then apply as a "returning student." Please follow the admission procedures outline in the enclosed brochure or contact the University of Georgia Admissions Office at (706)-542-8776 for further information.

The Department of Dance does not facilitate University admission or registration procedures other than computerized POD (permission of department) and possible advisement clearance. An in-person advisement appointment session with a dance faculty member is required. If you would like to schedule an appointment , please email Rebecca Gose at renghaus@uga.edu.

Additional Requirements toward Certification:

GACE: The GACE (Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators) Program Admission Assessment is a state mandate assessment for all certification candidates in all subjects. (See www.gace.ets.org). Candidates may be exempt based on SAT ACT or GRE scores- see below. There is no content assessment in dance.

SAT: minimum 1000 combined verbal+mathemematics
GRE: minimum 1030 combined verbal+quantitative
ACT: minimum 43 combined English +mathematics

(Note: there is no content assessment in Dance at this time. However, to complete requirements a candidate will be required to take the GACE exam or show competencies)

EdTPA Requirement:

Starting with the Academic year 2014-5, all teacher candidates in Georgia will be required to take the nationally available performance-based assessment, EdTPA (to measure novice teachers' readiness to teach K-12 performing arts. The Department of Dance is currently working on compliance efforts in helping candidates make a smooth and successful transition into this new, additional assessment. Professional Certification candidates will also be responsible for this assessment, and, for both candidates, yet to be determined passing scores will be required in order to be eligible for certification. A separate seminar will be required to prepare the candidate for this assessment, which takes place during the student teaching semester. Lastly, there is a student fee of 300.00 for this assessment.

Additional Policies:

Georgia law prohibits salaried professionals to enroll in Student Teaching (DANC 5460). Therefore, the professional teacher will enroll in 6-12 credit hours of DANCE 4000 while fulfilling the requirements for student teaching. Such professional teachers in the field at the time that they are completing requirements for certification in dance may apply their current teaching situation toward student teaching with supplementary assignments over the course of the semester. This includes (a) a program review, (b) curriculum development and/or the addition of new content or courses to the existing program, (c) a weekly log of all lesson plans (d) personal assessment and evaluation, and (e) up to three conferences with the assigned UGA advisor. Please note that it is the responsibility of the professional candidate to attend conferences in Athens when scheduled.

The University of Georgia Department of Dance recommends, when available, that the candidate considers enrolling in courses at the graduate level, if possible. In the event that the candidate may seek a graduate degree in the future, theses credits would be applicable, depending on the graduate degree and institution.