mission and goals


The mission of the Department of Dance is to promote excellence in, access to, and appreciation of dance as a unique body - based art form through which humans can express their personal, historical, and cultural diversity. Creative research is central to our mission - informing teaching; mastering dance as a physical discipline; nurturing the creative process; generating and regenerating the art form; presenting artistic enrichment to the world


The UGA Department of Dance prepares students for a professional role in dance.

The dance degree programs offer students:

  • a concentrated dance curriculum providing comprehensive training in ballet and contemporary dance genres balanced with a general curriculum inclusive of diverse groups and varied aesthetic preferences
  • strong professional preparation via courses centered on the technical, stylistic, somatic, historical, cultural, analytical, scientific, experiential, creative, and aesthetic components of dance
  • professional level technique and performance training
  • pre-professional performance opportunities which challenge the creative/aesthetic potential of select students who demonstrate artistry and possess accomplished technical skills in dance
  • opportunities for teaching experiences for obtaining teacher certification, assistance in employment placement, and additional post graduation experiences
  • an introduction to and hands-on experience in the use of innovative technology/media equipment/software capable of educational, commercial, and artistic applications

Through its curriculum and student-centered research activity the Department of Dance is an advocate for dance and the other arts at the University of Georgia – and for dancers and
dance organizations in Athens, the State of Georgia, the United States, and the world